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Rick Kuss believes we can unite Kitsap County while also protecting our constitutional rights. This includes the right to feel safe in our community by reducing crime, removing illegal drugs like fentanyl, restoring law enforcement, and addressing rising homelessness - directly and with compassion.

Help restore Public Safety and remove the barriers created in Olympia.

Say "YES" to Law Enforcement.

Elect Rick Kuss for Kitsap County Sheriff!

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Rick Kuss Believes In

Public Safety

Crime rates continue to rise, and while there are many factors at play, a soft approach does not serve to protect the citizens of Kitsap county.

We need to shift to PROACTIVE POLICING. Experience in reactive policing is a barrier to changing the culture to create a leader - leader structure vice the traditional leader-follower structure. Hold criminals accountable and get the help to those battling mental health and drug addiction crises. Rick was known in the Navy as a mental health advocate.

Strong Employment

It is the job of the Kitsap County Sheriff to keep our community safe and that means having a robust and functional law enforcement infrastructure.

Rick Kuss will fight in Olympia to get law enforcement re-funded, work to restore power to officers, and focus on retention programs.

Let's bring a mutual understanding of the obstacles law enforcement and corrections officers go through to put their lives on the line for the safety of our community members. We need to be even prouder of the men and women who serve with severe restrictions on the job.


Rick believes that constitutional law enforcement can regain the trust of the public and improve community relations.

He will work to promote outreach opportunities that engage the public in restoring a strong community. Rick understands that crime requires a multi-faceted and nuanced approach that includes respect and compassion for our homeless, vulnerable, and mentally ill populations.

Let's build trust in law enforcement and the community.

Member of the American Bar Association, National Sheriff's Association, Washington Association of Sheriffs & Chief Polices, VFW, American Legion, SUBVETS; - Combining all resources to ensure everyone's individual rights are protected.

"All political power is inherent in the people, and governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed, and are established to protect and maintain individual right?." Rick is here to protect and maintain your individual rights.