"I can personally attest that at the forefront of every solution is Rick. No matter the obstacle, he climbed it with ease and fortitude. I have been beside him when the nation tasked us and he never faulted when the decision making requirements were needed. A natural leader that provided sound guidance in times of extreme stress and able to ensure that safe, effective, and efficient operations were continuously maintained. I would absolutely not be in the position I am today if it were not for his caring and mentoring. He personally took the time to invest in my future by showing the opportunities available to me and the result of hard work, dedication, and a genuine compassion for one another. Applying these same principals to everyone he came in contact with, I saw a plethora of people achieve greatness under his charge. His influences did not only reach his professional colleagues, but he is a natural born influencer of the people. His "fix it" attitude is seen across all of his community involvement - both on a personal and physical aspect. His clear determination and direction pushes even the best of people to achieve greater goals. I am glad to have been a part of Rick's journey and learned so much in terms of family, leadership, community involvement, and self care!"

Robert Beuning

“After having the honor of serving alongside Rick on the USS PENNSYLVANIA while he filled his duties as the boat’s Weapons Officer, I have no doubt that he will bring the same level of integrity, ethics, and empathy into the office of Kitsap County Sheriff.”

Spencer Wilson

Chandra Brady, a current law enforcement leader in Washington State with 29 years experience in local corrections and law enforcement leadership, endorses Rick Kuss for Kitsap County Sheriff. Brady says, “I admire Sheriff candidate Rick Kuss’ service to our country, passionate lifelong support for law enforcement, and his commitment to continue to serve his local community. He embraces a tough against crime perspective and is an experienced leader. He is pro-law enforcement through community partnership. A vote for Rick Kuss is a vote for community public safety in Kitsap County.”

Chandra Brady

Washington Farm Bureau PAC

Stand for Health Freedom

State Representative Jesse Young, 126th LD

Kerry Jenean Slone, National 2A advocate and educator

David Baker

Leena Ono

Michael Gustavson

Mimi Gustavson

Carl Ogle

Faye Henden-Klingbeil

Larry Carlson

Lane Alexander

William Campbell

Tanya Ochoa

Edmond Tondu