Using Policing Methods that do NOT work

The lack of proactive policing in the law enforcement community in Kitsap. Experience doing the same thing over and over again (reactive policing) doesn't work in modern time in Kitsap, even it is boasted by 30+ years of experience. In fact, Albert Einstein said that it is the definition of insanity. I have been an advocate for proactive policing based on my education and seeing evidence-based results. My opponent has recently come out saying that is his plan as well - 3 months after I brought it up. After 1 year as the temporary appointed sheriff, he has had his job interview. How did he do in proactive policing in the last year? He didn't. He stated in his message on the Kitsap County Sheriff's office he will focus on Progressive Policing. Crime rates are record-breaking after the last year. Vote for me and see the change. My actions will speak louder than my words.

Failure to obey the State Constitution - Individual Rights

Washington State Constitution ARTICLE 1 SECTION 1 POLITICAL POWER states "All political power is inherent in the people, and governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed, and are established to protect and maintain individual rights."

I will work for the people. NOT politicians. I will not endorse politicians that do not follow the constitution. A sheriff is the last line of defense in protecting and maintaining your individual rights. How do you feel that is going in Kitsap?


Misdemeanor crime is not enforced in Kitsap County - which is causing drug crimes to destroy our community. When elected as the Senior Law Enforcement Officer in Kitsap County - this will change. The courtroom workgroup is supposed to work together. The Sheriff DOES NOT work for the county prosecutor. I will not standby and let this county continue on the current path to destruction.

Leadership in the Sheriff's Office

A quality that has been lacking in the sheriff's office is leadership with a backbone. Management is not leadership. I have heard from several members of the community that there is a lack of leadership in the sheriff's office. Things are about to change.

Handcuffing law enforcement officers via HB 1054/1310

Firearms and ammunition .50 caliber or greater are forbidden including shotguns which are less-lethal weapons than normal firearms. There is no substitute to replace them.

Pursuits are forbidden unless there is probable cause that someone in the vehicle has or is committing a sex offense, violent offense, or DUI offense. To elevate probable cause takes too much time to obtain permission. In a pursuit, that time is not available before the offender drives away.

I will be unified with police chiefs and sheriffs of other counties to put pressure on legislators. I will sign joint statements for this support to protect our community from the rising crime rates in Kitsap County. I will take charge and coordinate initiatives to restore police pursuit, make hard drugs illegal, and keep guns away from criminals NOT law-abiding citizens.

Unconstitutional mandates by emergency powers by the Governor of WA.

We are in an epidemic from the coronavirus disease. This is something we will have to live with. Those people who lost their jobs in our community due to refusing the vaccination deserve to be hired back on - especially those providing community services in Kitsap. Unfortunately, this is another legislative matter, however, you know where I stand. I stand for our community, I will be unified in applying pressure on legislators. I also believe in enforcing laws not the overreaching of government with mandates.


I help serve the homeless weekly. There will always be members of our community that are homeless. It is our responsibility to help resolve the problem. The solution is not to do nothing when the backyard of the Silverdale Sheriff's Department (which is closed to the public due to low staffing) has become a homeless camp like Seattle. Some people have reported that drug deals have occurred in the same area. I'm sorry, but that is against the law. I can not fathom how nothing is being done regarding that. I have been in contact with people that want to set up resources for the homeless community, and I am told there has been too much red tape in the past. I am passionate about this topic. I will not tolerate anyone who wants crime rates and homelessness to increase. This is where Problem-oriented policing and Community policing come together to aid in the limited resources and the handcuffing of the law enforcement officers.